What they're saying... 


"When you want One of everything, how do you chose?"
 Diane - London, Ontario Canada


"...I like the movement in your pieces "
 Cathy - London, Ontario Canada


"There's lots of you & me here!"
 Dennie - Ontario Canada


"She has a great eye for what's current. Whimsical but elegant."
 Carol - Toronto, Ontario Canada


"Your Designs are beautiful. I gave your pendants to a large list of gals for Xmas last year....They loved them and we all get many comments! Thanks for your creativity!"
 Joanne - London, Ontario Canada


Glenn - Toronto, Ontario Canada


"It's fantastic, ...really, ...it's GREAT. That's crazy!"
 Gail - Toronto, Ontario Canada


"This is just too cool, Oh, ...look at this!"
 Jennifer - Toronto, Ontario Canada


"...WOW!, That's nice, Oh, I love that, Oh, isn't that Cool,...I should just stop commenting because there's not much here I don't like!"
 Terri - Barrie, Ontario Canada


"...I've had your Floating daisy for 2 years and wear it all the time, everywhere. I LOVE it! So glad you're back!"
 Cathy - Barrie, Ontario Canada


"...If I could, I would get everything here!"
 Ashley - Mississauga, Ontario Canada


"I have been looking for you for a long time!! I put my Floating Daisy in a safe place ...and I never saw it again! I actually spent four times the price to buy a pale imitation of your daisy at another show last year because I wore it so much that I kind of didn't know how to get dressed without it any more, I wore it ALL THE TIME... I'm just so happy to have found you at last !........."
 Geraldine - Toronto, Ontario Canada